Welcome Tom to O’reilly Trauma Healing!

Mar 11, 2021 | Therapy

As soon as Charity opened new consults for 2023 and the entire year filled up just like that, we knew it was time to start finding more ways to offer trauma healing services. And as cute as he is in the therapy chair, we just didn’t think Severus was up for the job. So welcome to our two newest services: coaching with Tom, and Healing Retreats!

Therapy cat

Tom has been building towards becoming a parts work coach for a while. He got his enneagram coaching certification and began training in Internal Family Systems. After offering free coaching to family and friends for months, he finally decided it was time to begin offering coaching to the world at large. Tom is passionate about parts coaching, where he helps you get to know and love all of the parts that make up your internal system. He also loves coaching couples, and helping people understand themselves and their relationships through the Enneagram. As someone with his own journey with ADD, Tom also finds fulfillment with ADD/ADHD coaching. You can learn more about Tom at the “About Tom” page, and you can schedule an initial appointment to see if working with Tom would be a good fit for you here.

We are also passionate about sharing nervous system healing from our retreat space. On the weeks when intensive trauma therapy is not available, we are excited to begin offering Solo Healing Retreats. These retreats will be fully customizable to meet your healing needs. Depending on your goals, they may include a combination of therapy, coaching, and nervous system healing, and include amazing healing modalities such as trauma sensitive yoga, guided mindfulness kayak trips, art therapy, and more. The retreat cottage is equipped with everything you need for total relaxation, including a hot tub overlooking the creek, luxury bath items and plush robes, a library of books to read in front of the woodstove, and more. We can schedule massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and sound healers to come to the space to complete your self care time. To learn more about these immersive healing retreats, click here.

Reach out if you have any questions about either of these exciting new offerings! 

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