What Do I Need to Know About EMDR Therapy?

This month, the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) published a blog entitled "What should clients ask an EMDR therapist?" My answer was featured in the blog, and no surprise to anyone, it's about intensive therapy! Ever since training in intensive EMDR therapy...


Welcome Tom to O’Reilly Trauma Healing!

As soon as Charity opened new consults for the year and the entire year filled up just like that, we knew it was time to start finding more ways to offer trauma healing services. And as cute as he is in the therapy chair, we just didn't think Severus was up for the...

Therapy cat
Trauma Therapist Charity O-Reilly

Hi, I’m Charity, a trauma therapist who is most often found reading with a cozy cup of tea on the couch.


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