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Apr 28, 2024 | ADHD, Coaching, Couples, IFS, Neurodivergence, Parts Work, Relationships

I want to say hello and introduce myself. I have been offering my coaching services on the side for a few years now. However, I was still working full-time until my company was ready to transition me out of my role. I now work from home part-time, doing a tech job that I enjoy. But parts work coaching is my passion, and I am excited to dive deeper into this work.

I am passionate about parts and ADHD coaching because of the impact that it made in my life. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 27. I had a lifetime of negative beliefs about myself that I needed to unpack, so I went to both traditional therapy and ADHD coaching. Therapy helped me explore the meaning of my past experiences, and coaching provided psycho-education, support, and strategies for living with ADHD in the present.

Coaching gave me the tools to survive until I could finally get off the Capitalist pain train of a 40-hour work week.

The biggest part of my mental health journey has been getting to know my parts. I had parts that felt ashamed of my neurodivergence, and parts that were scared to leave my full time job and trust the process. Getting to know and befriend these parts of myself has really transformed my life. It’s also transformed my relationship with Charity, and I’ve become really passionate about couples coaching in the process. I got trained in IFIO (Intimacy From the Inside Out) an Internal Family Systems (parts work) coaching modality, and I really love it.

Whether you want to get to know your parts, get support around your ADHD, or deepen and heal your relationship as a couple, just reach out. I would be glad to work with you.


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